If You Check Off 21/32 Of These Things You Definitely Have Trouble Sleeping At Night

Lie in bed for two hours (or more) looking at your social media accounts.

Get REALLY tired during the daytime.

Find yourself going to bed, then the next thing you know it’s 3 a.m.

Constantly checking the clock on your phone to work out “how many hours” of sleep you can get if you go to sleep NOW.

Feel like you’re damaging your eyes because you’ve been looking at your phone too long in the dark.

Get into bed, then stare into the darkness and start to think of scary things.

Have woken up in the middle of the night and not been able to get back to sleep more than once.

Can’t concentrate when someone is talking to you at school/work.

Get annoyed really easily with your friends and family.

Had a sore back or arms in the morning because you held your phone up too long in bed.

Feel tired, get into bed, but then suddenly feel VERY awake.

Feel like time goes by faster at night than during the day.

Toss and turn for at least an hour most nights.

Have been awake so long at night that you actually heard birds start to chirp…

…or have seen the sun come out (not on purpose).

Are able to survive a full day at school/work on less than three hours of sleep.

Pretty much rely on coffee to get you through the day.

Have had people actually mention, “you look tired” to you more than once in a week.

Rolled your eyes at someone who said, “I need my beauty rest.”

Bought new pillows and/or a new mattress to see if that would make a difference.

Have tried drinking warm milk before bed…

…and counting sheep…

…and reading…

…and literally every other “suggestion” someone has had about trying to fall asleep easier.

Have re-watched a movie you’ve seen 100 times before in bed to try and help you fall asleep.

Require noise/rain sounds to help you fall asleep.

Gotten so fed up with trying to fall asleep, you actually just got up and ate something instead.

Have had someone call you “lazy” because you slept in on Saturday until 11 a.m. (but only because you didn’t fall asleep until 5 a.m.).

Have attempted to NOT use your phone in bed…

…but then failed miserably after five minutes.

Masturbated to help you fall back to sleep

And finally, marvel at people who say they fall asleep the instant they get into bed.
source : https://www.buzzfeed.com/crystalro/if-you-do-2132-of-these-things-youre-probably-an-insomniac?utm_term=.jcNYzXDZxG#.pf9EjDA1zg
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