27 Hilarious Netflix Fuck-Ups

1. Clearly Ash never should have kept the Pokémon in their Poké Balls.

Netflix / Via Twitter: @NeruNox

2. Chuckie did always seem sorta creepy.

Netflix / Via Twitter: @tsouthcotte

3. Who can forget the time that the Babadook came out of the closet?

Netflix / Via ianstagram.tumblr.com

4. Or when everyone else followed suit?

Netflix / Via reddit.com

5. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas was definitely one of the scariest movies of all time.

Netflix / Via Twitter: @viral_iq

6. Who knew that the Enterprise was actually a pub this whole time?

Netflix / Via Twitter: @NaziJokes11

7. Please tell me Peter Pan isn’t in this one.

Netflix / Via imgur.com

8. Will Smith was definitely the strongest female lead in any movie ever.

Netflix / Via imgur.com

9. Not gonna lie, Troll Hunters was surprisingly gritty.

Netflix / Via Twitter: @musicita

10. The last-minute casting switch in Star Wars: Clone Warswas iconic.

Netflix / Via Twitter: @Daniel_Logan

11. There’s clearly nothing goofier than stitching humans together.

Netflix / Via imgur.com

12. Lorelai and Rory were obviously infinitely better as part of an animated crime-fighting team.

Netflix / Via Twitter: @MEC288

13. No one could forget when Sharknado swept at the Academy Awards.

Netflix / Via imgur.com

14. Someone MAY have gotten their teddies confused.

Netflix / Via Twitter: @SpiralTap

15. I always knew the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were real!

Netflix / Via imgur.com

16. Honestly, the monkey would probably be a better driver than Cher.

Netflix / Via Twitter: @SallyPoulsen

17. My fondest memories are of the whole family sitting down to watch Pulp Fiction.

Netflix / Via imgur.com

18. That one time Moses got frisky was pretty crazy.

Netflix / Via imgur.com

19. The Bernenstain Bears and the Murderer was by far the best one.

Netflix / Via i.imgur.com

20. “The One Where They Helped Django Free His Wife” was truly an unforgettable episode.

Netflix / Via cheezburger.com

21. That SpongeBob episode where he moved to Brooklyn and was really mad about it was a true work of art.

Netflix / Via Twitter: @benbrignell

22. Damn Jesus.

Netflix / Via i.imgur.com

23. It was devastating when Walter White lost his talent for cooking meth.

Netflix / Via i.imgur.com

24. The crew of the Enterprise definitely appreciated all of Archer’s gadgets.

Netflix / Via i.imgur.com

25. It only took four seasons for New Girl to take a dark turn.

26. Apparently Sesame Street is planning an evil takeover.

Netflix / Via i.imgur.com

27. And the world ended when the Muppets started rebelling in District 5.

The Muppets: "After her triumph in the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen travels through the districts on a 'Victor's Tour' while a rebellion gathers steam around her."
Netflix / Via sparkofraziel.tumblr.com

The Muppets: “After her triumph in the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen travels through the districts on a ‘Victor’s Tour’ while a rebellion gathers steam around her.”

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